Edelweiss (Espresso / Drip)
What we taste: chocolate, caramel, toasted nut

This blend of coffees from Brazil and Nicaragua is a crowd pleasing, every day, all day sipper. The subtle hints of flavor we taste are the perfect combination of chocolatey goodness and nuttiness with a mild, approachable acidity. It’s reminiscent of one of our favorite chocolate, peanut, and nougat-filled candy bars. (You know the bar.)
This blend is delicious served as a drip coffee or as an espresso. Drink it black or however you like it. This is a judgement-free zone. 😉

Note: This is NOT an artificially flavored coffee. None of our coffees have any added flavors or additives, period. The flavors we list are simply subtle nuances or aromas.

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