Mexico Chiapas



Mexico Chiapas
What we taste: Milk chocolate, graham cracker, nutty
Farmer: Finca Nuevo México owned by Ricardo Ibarra Baumann
Region: Ibarra Chiapas
Elevation: 1,300 meters above sea level
Varieties: Villa Sarchi, Hibrido de Timor
Processing: Washed

Finca Nuevo México is a family owned and operated farm located 1,300 metersabove sea level in La Concordia, Mexico. The multi generation family farm has been in operation since 1978, however, they’re currently in their first generation of producing coffee. Current owner, Ricardo Ibarra Baumann, inherited the farm from his Mother. Finca Nuevo México is 75 hectares with 320 additional hectares of natural reserves. During harvest, they conduct three stages of picking to ensure only the best, mature cherries are selected.

We’ve been impressed with the quality of the coffees from this region year after year. And that makes sense! The region contains all the textbook conditions for success: heirloom coffee varieties, high altitude, and passionate people who want to produce high-quality coffee.

In the cup, this exemplary Mexican coffee has subtle hints of citrus, along with notes of milk chocolate, graham cracker, and a subtle nuttiness. The medium roast level also brings out a caramel-like sweetness.

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