Tanzania Peaberry



We taste: Syrup, pineapple, cola
Region: Tanzania Highlands
Elevation: 1,400-1,800 meters above sea level
Variety: N & KP, Kent, Bourbon
Processing Method: washed

Description: This particular coffee is a blend of peaberries from several high-altitude estates. Peaberries are a naturally occuring mutations that happens inside an individual coffee cherry when only one of the seeds inside germinates. So instead of two seeds/beans inside the cherry, there is only one bean which is visibly more round (and adorable!).

This coffee was tended with care, selectively handpicked, and sorted by its unique peaberry mutation. During harvest season, workers begin picking coffee cherries early in the morning and deliver them to the wet mill in the afternoon. The coffee cherries undergo a washing process where they are depulped, graded into different channels according to size and density, and washed clean.

When brewed, this coffee has a heavy, syrupy body and tropical notes with a sweet and approachable acidity. It’s delicious served black but also pairs well with milk.

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